birthday present .

6 Jul

hello there. ^_^

today I wanna share with you a recipe that is really popular  …and probably a lot of you alreday know…, however I’m   to anxious to show you my new discovery  LOL !

I am like a kid with a piece of candy..with anynew recipe ^_^

And they are ……….. CREPES !!!!!!!!!! YES ! I KNOW… YUMMM AND EASY..

the story begins like this…… No long ago it  was one of my good friend’s birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her, … so I went to look for a good, easy and yumn recipe all over the internet, youtube to be more precise , and then I found it…. there it was… too many tutorials for one recipe, and if you are like will try all of them jajajaj so that’s what  I did..

and I came out with this cake  inspired crepe … or so..

I was so excited… I wanted to be special and i also wanted to incorporate all the youtube tutorials in one …. so all the layers have different filling on them… one of the layers is pure NUTELLA the other one is  banana and strawberries , other are condense milk I also put some jelly and butter ( my friends favorite) and lastly my fav.. lime juice with honey !!! this was a bom !!!   At first I though that was so much…. but then … I tasted and it was DELIIIIIIII….


I usually take my diet and my health very serious ….but there are days like people i care about … birthdays or speacil occations where I have to broke the rule…..( come on it’s just ones every one or two months )

here are the steps you already must know.

1/2 cup of All Purpose Flour
1/2 Tbsp Granulated Sugar
 pinch of  Salt
1 Eggs
1 Tbsp Melted Butter
1/2 cup Whole Milk
..  all the ingredients into the blender and VOILA !!! it’s ready…

so yeah ! you have the idea…. …. hope you like it…

ohhhhhhhhhh!! and guess what… everyone who  came to the mini party love the cake crepe lol…. but the birthday girl give us a surprise…… she reveled that day …that she was pregnet …. LOOL andddddddddddddd she coulnd eat the cake I made it for her :(…. she was pucking  all the time ) lol.  but still I know she woulda love it  .. 😦

 the thing is….it’s always nice to make something thoughful for you friends .




26 Jun

Hi there,…

I usually don’t like the regular popsicles that you can find at any grocery store … I found them too sugary  and …fattery ? I don’t know…. the fact that they have too many things going on .make me dislike them..

so I came out with the idea of making my own healthy version of popsicles…not that sugary as the regular ones.

it’s way easy …. every knows how to do them , I think…. ….. and in my case I just got inspired by my chilhood memories , when I was 4 o 5 years old we used to live in a teeny tiny  town , where everybody knows everybody ..hahaha… there in this lovely place, there was a   small convenience store ..where i used to buy my popsicles  ^_^ they were homemade and delicious… the lady that used to made them ,  usually had 2 or 3 different flavors…. milk flavor ( weird huh ), chocolate, and babana or mango …  mmmmmmmmm YUMMMMM.

so yup is my own version….. I only used a couple strawberries , half of a cup of light yogurt  … a little of water if need it…. a quick blend and …. VOILA !!  I didn’t add any extra sugar just because I don’t like sugar anyways … beside I was looking for a healthy option here. ^_^

    it look yummy as it is !!!! lol.

  It was fantastic , next time I am having this like smoothie.

 looking good already ! ^_^

 . they were delicious !!! the next day  I made some   MANGOOOO popsicles…since the strawberriy ones were well recived I was sure the mango ones were going to be loved…. and they were.

hope you like this post ^_^


my weight … diet… past and present .

23 Jun

I will try to explain myself in this post about my weight gain an lose … in order to understand should know a bit of my  background and some details about my life and my health.

Since I was young I was way too skiny , but to be honest I didn’t even care , the word “WEIGHT” “FAT” “CALORIES” didn’t excisted  in my vocabulary ,  maybe because my  life was so different from what it’s today……… I will  wake up everymorning aroun 6:45 am , and before living home my Dad will pretty much  force me to eat something…anything….so I will do that…usually  a piece of bread with hot chocolato or something like that…wathever my mom feel like doing that day ,then I will start  walking  for at least 35 min to get to school  where  I usually had  sandwish if I had money or a piece of candy , a bar of chocolate and some water or yougurt  depend of my mood that day, then I will either walk back home or take the bus  ..onces  there  my Mom will always have the (ALMUERZO ) lunch ready..(HERE IS  THE  FIRST  DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THIS COUNTRY AND MY COUNTRY.)…. first some appetizer then soup then what we call (SEGUNDO) that will be like the main course   .! and finally some desert  ( usually fruit ) ^_^ …. I KNOW.. seems like too much..but (THE SECOND DIFFERENCE ) for some weird reason the size of the dishes there are way smaller than here…. … however is more than enough to keep you FULL for 3 to 5  hours …..then if I was still  hungry i will have a banana or something small …because  I used to save my apetite  for  my favorite meal of the day…(hora del te) tea time ! ( TIRDH DIFFERENCE )  we didn’t have dinner time. 😦 , but tea time used to  rock !…at least for me… it consist in some sort of hot  beverage, it could  be hot chocolate, tea, many kinds of  teas off course , oats,  rice pudding,  ( not like the one you are picturing a bit different) the option are countless , anyways I will have my tea with some kind of bread,cake, cookies, anykind of pastry…yummiiiiiiii stuff ..or sandwish like …I don’t know …chicken sandwish, cheese sandwish, cold cuts, etc….  and  that’s it !!!!!!!! hahahah that was all the food for the day…in case I was hungry again I will have a bit more of  cake or something…but that’s pretty much my everyday food.. !!  and I really  didn’t  enphasis the fact that I used to walk  for at least 2 hrs everyday … plus excercise… SO YUP I DIDN’T EVEN’T WORRY ABOUT GETTING FAT OR THAT KIND OF STUFF..AND NITHER MY FRIENDS DID.

Then I started  putting some weight on !!!!!!! that happend pretty much when I moved  to This country..I’M NOT PUTTING THE BLAME ON THIS COUNTRY…I AM PUTTING THE BLAME ON ME…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!  you kno why????????? here is how it begans !….

2 Yeas ago when I arrived  to this country I was pretty much scared to death, everything was new to me , I didn’t speak english what so ever… I felt like living in a different world ….!! for God sake…it was a really awful feeling … !!!  plus  I was starving myself !:(

I was living with  American  Host family .. they were really nice.. but still I was afraid of talking, eating ,etc… besides they had a lot of stuff going on in the kitchen ,  things that i couldn’t even read …less could I eat.. ! when lunchtime came I was hungryyyyyyyyyyyy but they told :” you can eat wathever you want ” i was  like ..what????????  so I went for the easiest pick..a banana… then dinner came along  and I was craving for something hot and sweet ..and they give me  chinese food…  !  A www they were extrematly friendly and they started to getting worry because i wasn’t eating enough….. few days later I got to know to one of my first friends in this country a girl name Andrea from Colombia..she was as new as I was… then we  together discovered  … THE ONLY AND UNIQUE…. MACDONALDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  then burguer king , then  kfc, dominos , you  name it , ….. IT’S NOT LIKE I DIDN’T HAVE  THOSE FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS  IN  MY COUNTRY, BUT … PUTTING THIS IN NICE WORDS.. THOSE WERE OUT OF MY BUDGET  ! and in this country they seems to me  like havenly cheap !!  plus I only have to walk like 25 min to get to the closest macdonald.  I remembered wishing my  mom was with me to enjoy such a good food  >LOL ^_^

From that day on,  me and my friend will get breakfast, lunch and dinner in any fast-food restaurant …. I was amazed how cheap this stuff was…. When in my country I only got the chance to go to Macdonalds for my B-day  hahah or some sort of special occations …the same with Dominos pizza…it was more like  a reward if I got good grades  LOL.  but here…. the good stuff was cheap and I could eat everything I wanted  everyday and anytime !!!!!!!!!  BUT  ….3 months later I got sickkk of to much fat .. then I though I will stop eating this… and  THE smartest me…the girl who didn’t know nothing about calories or fats….began to eat .. healthier..or that’s what I  though !!!!!!!!  I got introduce to RANCH,,,wich i hate it at first..then I started to liking it..  I also discovered  that chocolates and candy were as cheap as Macdonalds was .. so yeahhp , you guessed  it!  …I began to stocking  up with Kit kats… and Doritos and Donats  ..I was like a kid in a candy store…. ohhhhhhhhhh! I also got my first car and my driving licens so I didn’t need to walk anywhere else… ( thing I was so proud of ) not even Macdonalds or CVS for candies !  then  i started liking chinese food, mexican food , and cheese was my new obsession ..

For months I didn’t  cook a homemade food not even once , the salads I was used to eat every single day in lunchtime back in my country didn’t existed here….My favority tea time was replace with icecream time  and heavy dinner , I swtich water and homemade drinks for diet cook …wich was also out of my budget back in my country ! I tought I didn’t have nothing to worry about.. after all I was skiny and I was going to be skiny my all my life. ! .

One good day.. a neighbor friend of my  came along and said that she needed to talk to me.. I was a bit surprise and I was even more surprise after I heard  what she said….this were her words : ” honey I know you don’t have family here, but If you feel like talking with anybody I am here for you … I like you so much you are so nice … and I don’t want nothig to happend to you … so if you are pregnat ..don’t be afraid ” I was like what????????? pregnat ??   Probably that was my wake up call !! I knew it but somehow  I was reluctant to accept it !!  BUT YEP ! I HAD BEEN PUTTING WEIGHT ON LIKE I WAS  MY JOB … to the point this lady call me pregnat !   I also noted some problems with my  health , sadently skin problems appered , my clothes were getting smaller and smaller and I was hiding them because I didn’t want to see my reality.

I went from size 2 to size 12 or more. so that was a bit extreme for me.

The first step to lose weight in my case was accepting  that I had a problem with food .

 the second step was informing myself proprely about calories, fats, fibre , etc .etc…  like I should had done in the first place.

 the third step was going to the doctor to see if the weight I put on was affecting my health !

SO.. I have to  be honest before I got in shape I make a lot of mistakes …. FIRST MISTAKE was dieting starving myself  , SECOND  MISTAKE  I was falling into being this control freak of what I eat when I eat …. making my life misable. and THIRD MISTAKE was thinking that I can lose weight drinking pils and teas with no excercise .


well ..I hope you understand everything i wrote  I’M VERY SORRY IF MY ENGLISH IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH  !  i’m still trying to improve it and…I have a lot of grammar mistakes ..pls don’t mind them 😦  and don’t hate me.

if you wanna see my pics from before and after leave me a message

xoxo besos.